Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

The Furthest Inland Breeding Colony of Kittiwakes in the World

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Nesting Kittiwakes – Street Lamps – Newcastle Quayside


“A great opportunity to watch the Tyne Kittiwakes”

Kittiwakes build their nests on nearby street lighting

In recent years, a selection of nearby street lighting has been adopted by nesting Kittiwakes to build their nests.  This has proven to be a successful choice.  As visitors and residents walk past or drive past in their cars, they often find these Kittiwakes entertaining and of great interest.


Summer 2018 – A pair of Kittiwakes
by Rev D Atkinson


Summer 2018- An adult Kittiwake
with a young chick
by Lophophanes


Summer 2918 – A young Kittiwake
by Lophophanes


Summer 2019 – An adult Kittiwake
with a young chicks
by Lophophanes


Summer 2019- A pair of Kittiwakes
by Paul Buskin


Summer 2019 -Kittiwakes which chicks
by Rev D Atkinson


Summer 2020 by Paul Buskin

Breeding Tyne Kittiwakes

The River Tyne nesting Kittiwakes have shown a remarkable story since their beginnings in 1949. Explore a new talk as local ornithologist, Dan Turner, shares some of their nesting sites along the Tyne and examines trends in their numbers and breeding success.

At times the Tyne Kittiwakes fly as far away as the
Farne Islands in Northumberland to feed”

During this talk it references a paper by Chris Redfern and Richard Bevan.
A comparison of foraging behaviour in the North Sea by Black-legged Kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla from an inland and a maritime colony. This can be found on Taylor and Francis Online

A Review 1994-2020 – by Daniel M Turner