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Will Tyne Kittiwakes nest on Akenside Traders again?”

Kittiwakes have previously nested in larger numbers on the front side of the Akenside Traders building back in 2014-15 with up to 27 pairs recorded, raising 2-39 chicks that season.  The owners installed fire-gel however and this successfully deterred Kittiwakes from nesting there again.  This anti-bird gel looks like its very old/expired however; and there is a high chance Kittiwakes may return to nest for the 2023 or 2024 seasons.


2019 season – no young Kittiwakes this year
by Paul Buskin


Where there remains hope,
Kittiwakes will find a way”

A pair of Kittiwakes successfully nested and fledged a young Kittiwake however during the 2018 breeding season on a drain pipe. They returned again for 2019, rebuilding their nest.  Sadly, they failed to raise any young Kittiwakes for 2019.  On both occasions they built their nest on a drain pipe on the back of the building close to the Tyne Bridge.

No Kittiwakes nested there in 2020-2023.  A couple of adult Kittiwakes were present on the top of the building however during the 2022 season.


A family of Kittiwakes from 2018 by Lophophanes

These were not part of the daily
Flight Dance of the Kittiwakes‘ that regularly can be observed from the Tyne Bridge with birds flying between Lombard House, the Exchange Buildings and the River.  Dozens of adult Kittiwakes can also be found resting on the upper reaches of the Exchange Buildings, the Vermont Apart Hotel and resting on the surface of the river during the breeding season. In recent years, adult Kittiwakes have not usually been regularly present on the Akenside Traders building.   No nests were constructed on Akenside Traders during 2022 however.