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Young Kittiwake falls through anti-bird netting

2nd July 2018

As the breeding season dawned and the Kittiwakes settled down to nest; some familiar buildings, were not as welcoming to the Tyne Kittiwakes as they had been in the past.  One of these, which in 2017 was home to 72 nesting Kittiwakes, had anti-bird netting and spikes along the sides and higher areas to prevent birds nesting.   Despite this, many Kittiwakes were not discouraged and continued to nest, amongst the spikes and netting.

A young Kittiwake trapped behind anti-bird netting on Newcastle Quayside’s Guildhall by Lophophanes

Young Newcastle Kittiwake - trapped behind anti-bird nettingUnfortunately two birds suffered injuries and later died; whilst one young chick fell through some of the anti-bird netting and was unable to escape.

This was reported to the Guildhall and local wildlife charities.  Everyone was very relieved that the chick was soon rescued.  The remaining birds, successfully nested as they had done in previous years.  So the anti-bird deterrent failed to stop any birds nesting, but sadly two lost their lives, as the spikes were sharp and sometimes birds were getting trapped in the netting itself and injured themselves trying to break free.

On the 19th July 2018, the young kittiwake chick was freed from behind the anti-bird netting and placed on a nest beside a nearby sibling. This rescue was actioned by Newcastle City Council; the Guildhall’s owners.