Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Wye Eye Wheel

“Will the Kittiwake Tower need
to be moved yet again?”

This new development will be built opposite the existing ‘Kittiwake Tower’.  This could also cause further disturbance to the Tyne Kittiwake colony. The Kittiwake Tower was already moved once, and was itself a refuge, following the displacement of a percentage of the birds which nested on the ‘Baltic Flour Mill’ when the art gallery was originally created.

Thankfully the gallery has supported efforts to help the Kittiwakes, and the remaining birds have been allowed to continue to nest. The gallery have helped to raise awareness and provided educational talks etc. They are now one of the largest supporters for the ‘Tyne Kittiwakes’. There is not sufficient capacity however on the Baltic and more green-lighted nesting sites are urgently needed.

Volunteers will be monitoring the existing Kittiwake Tower to see if they’re in any way disturbed by the new ‘Wye Eye Wheel’ which has been advertised as ‘larger than the London Eye’.  We are not sure where visitors will park and if this will further increase air pollution levels for the Quayside.  Traffic jams are already common and more cars is likely to cause further problems.

“If you would would like to post any comments or feedback regarding the
‘Wye Eye Wheel’ and the ‘Kittiwake Tower’ please email “