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Wildlife along the Tyne

Mushrooms by Seani Jade McQuestion

The riverside habitats along
the Tyne are filled
with wildlife all year long”

 A new web based guide to the Wildlife along the Tyne is currently in development.  This is being designed from

The River Tyne in the North East of England is formed by the confluence of the North and South Tyne to the west of Hexham. It flows for over seventy miles. There are also plans to extend this guide further to include the North and south Tyne over the coming years.

There will also be a regular e-newsletter which will include the Tyne Kittiwakes. We will list the selection of sites that will be covered in this new wildlife guide over the coming months. Additional locations will also be referenced to external websites.

Over thirty locations will be featured.  This will include North Shields Fish Quay; a popular fishing port, which dates back to the 13th Century.  The Fish Quay sits close to the mouth of the Tyne and formed part of the original settlement of North Shields. 

A selection of Waders, you can find along the River Tyne from
the Coast at Tynemouth, North Tyneside  
to Hexham in Northumberland. 
by EmmaP – Emma’s Artworks

Tyneside’s Big River

To the west historic towns such as Corbridge and Hexham’s Tyne Country Park will also be included. The delights of popular riverside parks at Walker and Newburn will be showcased and the habitats along the Newcastle and Gateshead Quayside’s will be headlined.

Do you have a favourite site along the river Tyne that you feel
could be included? A local Patch?  If so please get in touch!
All contributions are greatly appreciated and most welcome.”

A Cormorant

A Cormorant - Walker Riverside Park - River Tyne

Free Guided Walks

There will be some opportunities to enjoy some free guided outdoor events.  This will help enhance your knowledge of the local wildlife and the local habitats.  Links to talks and outdoor trips provided by other local wildlife organisations that help support ‘Kittiwakes upon the Tyne’ will also appear on this website. More events are being considered to help ‘Raise Awareness‘ for the ‘Tyne Kittiwakes’ and the wildlife along the River Tyne. Our twitter account @KittiwakesTyne will also inform readers and share the progress of the local breeding colonies of Kittiwake.

Boat Trips

A small selection of boats, currently ferry the public along the River Tyne, from Newcastle Quayside. Options to organise a ‘Wildlife Excursion’ are currently being explored’. The ferry operators do charge to cover their costs, but this would be worth it, in exchange for this exciting experience to explore the river and experience elements, that usually only the Kittiwakes get to see so easily. Details will appear on this site, and the associated twitter account.

A Common Tern

A Common Tern - Newcastle - Quayside


A Common Tern

Common Terns also join the Kittiwakes during the spring/summer months but they don’t breed alongside the riverside. Some breed at local nature reserves however such as Wallsend Swallow Pond which is managed by North Tyneside Council and Big Waters, which is one of Northumberland Wildlife Trusts flagship nature reserves.

A Common Tern
diving for fish

A Common Tern - Gateshead Quayside

Like the Kittiwakes, these are an impressive bird to watch, especially whilst they are diving to catch fish. As well as watching these amazing terns along the river and local nature reserves such as the Natural History Societies Gosforth Park; they easily can be found also at Killingworth Lake in North Tyneside, during the Spring/Summer months.

Kittiwakes on the Baltic 
by John Feltwell

Kittiwakes on the Baltic by John Feltwell


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