Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Update – North Shields – Ferry Mews

Update – North Shields – Ferry Mews

On the 12th June 2021

A visit this morning revealed ‘happy Kittiwakes’ continuing to nest peacefully. We were very lucky today to have a quick chat with A RESIDENT that lives in the FLAT BELOW the anti-bird netting. We talked about how other detterents are safer than netting. ie that which was used on the Akenside Traders building on Newcastle Quayside. We also talked about the risks for the Kittiwakes this year and how dangerous this netting can be that had been added in North Shields. We highlighted how the netting has not stopped the birds nesting and in fact they are now more spread out along the guttering also.

Apparently he kindly rescued a Kittiwake in distress this week on the guttering which has some fishing line wrapped around it. An act of kindness. Great work from him.  No sign of any chicks, but they are due any day.

Some eggs may have hatched as it is not easy to see many of the nests well.

Pairs this year nested on the netting and along the buildings guttering. So they are more spread out and the anti-bird netting remains a risk for them. Two pairs watch the ferry go by on the building next door.

Hopefully our next update will be a photo of some chicks. We will be visiting again early next week.