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Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Update May 28th May 2021 – North Shields Ferry Mews

On the 28th May 2021

Well there is some really exciting good news and I guess also some sad news. Firstly as per our visits in April a number of Kittiwakes had started to show signs of nesting on the building to the right of the Ferry Mews and along the guttering on the Ferry Mews building itself. Well, Kittiwakes have actually built nests there.

Secondly a selection of Kittiwakes have nested on top of the anti-bird netting which was installed close to where they usually nest in previous years.

“So the good news, Kittiwakes are managing to nest still
at the North Shields Fish Quay
for the 2021 Season”.

The sad news is over the past 3 seasons at another location along the tyne; on Newcastle Quayside; where Kittiwakes have opted to nest on top of such anti-bird netting:

    • chicks at times are able to get through the anti-bird netting and
      as they grow they then find themselves trapped and unable to get back out.
    • quite a few Kittiwakes become accidentally trapped in the netting, and they
      become injured. If they are not rescued in time they sadly loose their lives.

The chances of Kittiwakes becoming trapped in this anti-bird netting in North Shields will be large and it then puts pressure on the fire services and local wildlife charities. At these times quite often the owners of the buildings that actually put up the netting suffer no financial loss. Kittiwakes suffer, as does the public purse and local charities. change is need to prevent this kind of netting being installed in the first place.

    • This type of anti-bird netting does not actually stop the Kittiwakes nesting.
    • It is dangerous to the Kittwiwakes
    • and at the site in North Shields, the installation of this anti-bird netting has caused
      the Kittiwakes to spread out which means they now occupy a wider area of the building.

So. nothing has been gained at all by adding this new anti-bird netting. The Kittiwakes still nest, but instead their lives are now at risk as at times it can behave like a spider web and accidentally trap the Kittiwakes. Sometimes they are able to break free themselves, sometimes they are rescued at the cost to Fire Service/Rescue charities; however sometimes sadly the Kittiwakes loose their lives. 

Now we are all forced to watch and wait, till Kittiwakes may suffer. and.. this location is such a public area and will receive a lot of attention.

“So Sad that it has come to this.  Surely lessons could have been learnt from the last 3 years at other locations where such netting was put up such as Newcastle Quayside”.