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North Shields – Tyne Kittiwakes

Ferry Mews

At its peak around one-hundred pairs of Kittiwakes nested in the North Shields colony.  As time has passed; some of the buildings they have used to build their nests on have been demolished. In the present day up to twenty pairs settle on the Ferry Mews building, raising young for the next generation of Kittiwakes.

The Kittiwakes have been evicted and forced to nest elsewhere”

As 2021 dawned, the owner of the Ferry Mews building installed anti-bird netting, over the area where the colony have nested over recent years.  This happened only a few weeks before they were due to return from their winter far out to sea; therefore, there was no time to encourage the birds to nest elsewhere. 

Petition –

Daniel Turner started a petition to try and encourage the owner of the building to remove the netting. Despite all his efforts the netting still remained as  the Kittiwakes returned.

Petition update – 5th June 2021

An update (5th June 2021) has been added at regarding the campaign to help save the North Shields colony.

What did the Kittiwakes think?

Kittiwakes continue to nest in North Shields

Despite the introduction of new anti-bird netting, which now covers the area where the colony have nested in previous years; Kittiwakes nested during the 2021 breeding season and successfully raised young chicks for another year in North Shields on the Ferry Mews building. Well Done our Tyne Kittiwakes!

An adult Kittiwake with chicks on the Ferry Mews building
in North Shields, North Tyneside by Andrew Clayton.

“To read updates regarding the 2021 breeding season please 
visit the ‘Tyne Kittiwake Diary“.  


There is has also been an article published in a national newspaper; the Guardian.

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