Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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The flight dance of the Tyne Kittiwakes

On the 24th March 2019

Whilst the Newcastle Quayside Market was in full swing today, the Tyne Kittiwakes were floating on the river and gliding over the stalls. The River Tyne is full of life, whilst they are with us.

Over a dozen were gliding through the sky, showing off their talented flight skills. They often came close, moving their whole heads, to watch those of us, that were lucky to be around. “The Flight Dance of the Tyne Kittiwakes

It is amazing to see how the wingspan of the Kittiwakes can look so very different at times. Not only can the birds move their whole heads, and glide like experts in the wind, but their ability to stretch their wings and fan their tails is so dramatic. Natural Art

Finally a couple of Kittiwakes from the Gateshead side of the River. The Tyne Bridge is a popular nesting site for the Kittiwakes and dozens have settled in already. These two were high up on the tower, enjoying the comforts of urban life.

Paul Buskin