Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Some anti-bird netting removed from Phoenix House

Changes to anti-bird detterents on Phoenix House – Early 2021

An area of anti bird netting on Phoenix House where Kittiwakes were trapped last year has been removed. New anti bird gel has been added. This is much safer than the netting and it won’t injure the birds. 24 pairs will be displaced however. It will be interesting to see where these birds nest in ‘21. The drama unfolds, and volunteers will be watching….

An area of anti-bird netting has been removed from Phoenix House and  replaced with new anti-bird gel

Of course it is very sad to loose this vintage building, however there is always going to be times, where some buildings are not suitable for them to nest. The user of safe anti-bird deterrents, such as the gel is preferred path in those cases. Anti-bird netting has demonstrated again and again, it can trap and injure Kittiwakes.
Even safe netting can become damaged in storms etc. and as it becomes older. Anti-bird spikes have also been proven to not actually stop the Kittiwakes nesting.

Kittiwakes nesting on Phoenix House during 2020

Gel has been tried before, but it was a different kind and installed , more random and as the birds had actually started to arrive. This time it has been added way before they are due back and in a more organised fashion. Volunteers will be watching to see if the gel works for ’21.