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Sadly a young Kittiwake dies in Anti-bird netting

On the 26th July 2019

Sadly some Kittiwakes became trapped in anti-bird netting again this year on one of the hotels down on Newcastle Quayside.  Fledged birds, landed on the roof; they then slid down and some got caught in the netting from behind.  During the 2018 breeding season, four birds were trapped on this hotel; and sadly some died before they were able to be rescued. No changes were made following this by the owners of the hotel and the netting at the top remained a trap, and again trapped  fledged Kittiwakes during the 2019 season. The hotel was informed of the risk last year and discussions have taken place regarding this years trapped birds.

A newly fledged Kittiwake fails to escape from anti-bird netting

Thankfully most birds managed to break free, however one unfortunate young Kittiwake failed and remains hanging lifeless from the top of the hotel. A dead Kittiwake remains to the left of this from last year. Hopefully the hotel will collect these dead birds soon and they won’t both remain till next year. Both remain as of the 12th September 2019.

Changes needed to prevent more birds becoming trapped next year

Without any change, this area of anti-bird netting will remain a trap and could continue to trap young Kittiwakes again next year.  Everyone was pleased that another hotel where birds were trapped last year, did make changes and no birds were trapped on the Premier Inn this year. In fact one pair successfully nested.  This pair was “very welcome at the inn”.