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Phoenix House – Fire-gel fails to stop Kittiwakes Nesting

Two weeks later….. On the 24th May 2019

The owners of Phoenix House added a new anti-bird deterrent ‘fire-gel’ this year to deter Kittiwakes from nesting on their building. This failed to stop Kittiwakes returning to nest on the top of ‘Phoenix House’. Now almost two dozen pairs have settled in (twice as much as noted on the 12th May), building their nests amongst the anti-bird deterrent ‘Fire gel’.

Some of the pots of gel are Clearly empty.

The pair that  was found to be building their nest precariously on one of the vintage arches, has been joined by two more pairs, that have replicated their talent of creating a fabulous nest.  All three nests are a canny size, and they look quite settled.

The Kittiwakes all seem quite settled and hopefully like last year they will have a successful breeding season. Most of the dangerous netting that caused problems last year was removed; so hopefully no more birds will become trapped.


Two adults became fatally trapped in anti-bird netting on Phoenix House last year, and a chick required the assistance of the fire service and the RSPCA to free it from behind netting.