Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Over 300 Kittiwakes have arrived

On the 13th March 2021

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours, enjoying the return of our Tyne Kittiwakes. Over 300 birds are now present. Less than a dozen occupied the Baltic on Thursday; whereas today, there was almost one-hundred Kittiwakes present on the gallery.

The Tyne Bridge hosted well over a hundred; whilst a further 100+ were resting on the river or on nearby buildings, such as the Exchange Buildings on Newcastle Quayside. A single Kittiwake was exploring Phoenix House, with another dozen or so exploring other buildings along the Quayside.

The Kittiwake Tower was also filled with life today. On Thursday, only a couple were present but were being scared off by a group of 40+ Crows. Today up to two dozen Kittiwakes were on the Kittiwake Tower however. Welcome home. It is great to see them back there.

The Gateshead ‘Kittiwake Tower’ 

Other birds included a few Cormorants in the river.  A selection of other gulls were present which included at least three Lesser Black backed Gulls, at least twenty Herring Gulls and 20+ Black headed Gulls.  Further down river along the riversides of Walker and Gateshead, a couple of the giant Greater Black backed Gulls roamed; gliding through the air, like Gulliver Gulls, compared to the smaller Kittiwakes.  Groups of 3-7 Kittiwakes could be seen arriving regularly throughout the afternoon.  A pair of Oystercatchers sat  on a roof, near the paint factory, while Mallards dabbled in the river.          Paul Buskin