Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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North Shields Kittiwakes

On the 26th March 2021

Whilst in North Shields today we were able to view the area that has been netted from the ferry landing again. A single Kittiwake was present on a ledge on the building opposite. There was also evidence that more birds had been present. It is possible some may nest on this ledge, and there are more ledges on the same building that could be used. This particular Kittiwake seemed quite fond of his spot, so looked promising. Also should they nest there, they may not disturb anyone. We will be keeping an eye out over next couple of weeks. If it looks promising we will look to see if we can secure this more long term.

In regards to the anti-bird netting. It is truly awful at front. Not professionally installed and therefore a much great risk of causing entrapment. When Kittiwakes become trapped in anti-bird netting on Newcastle Quayside it usually happens as Kittiwakes are starting to fledge in June/July, and try out their new wings. Also because the netting itself looks so bad, at sides and front; we are not sure how well it would cope with storms.
It only takes one area to damage, and that is all it takes for birds to get in. fingers crossed the Kittiwakes will be ok this season and that some will nest nearby.

“Not sure if North Tyneside Council actually came out to inspect.
Surely even if it is legal to install anti-bird netting, it has been done
in a safe manner, that does not remain a hazard to birds”.

We suspect, this has not been installed well, looks awful and is a hazard therefore to birds. Time will tell. We really hope we are wrong. Unfortunately so far, we have been right and Kittiwakes have been lost as we kept an eye out on high risk areas on Newcastle Quayside.