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You do not need to register or have a twitter account yourself to view the messages from ‘Kittiwakes upon the Tyne’ below. Should you wish to tweet yourself, you would need to set up an account  on twitter however.

A Kittiwake from the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle by Paul Lynch


A Kittiwake nesting on the
Tyne Bridge Tower
by Paul Lynch

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Twitter is very popular as a ‘social media’ platform.  It can be tremendously informative, when it comes to current news and developments, especially involving key policies and concerns.  In 2018 over twenty Kittiwakes were injured or killed as a direct result of anti-bird deterrents, down on Newcastle Quayside.  Largely because the story of the Kittiwakes was shared on social media, a variety of agencies were encouraged into action and many birds were rescued and saved.  Social media, helps “Kittiwakes upon the Tyne’ share news and developments across the internet.

Kittiwakes on the Baltic by Andy Rickeard

Kittiwakes on the Baltic by Andy Rickeard

If you are on twitter yourself, please follow us, and help us raise awareness and act as a voice for the Tyne Kittiwakes. It also helps us with ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, as the more followers we have, increases our chances of appearing further up the list in users searches. This is particularly important at this time, when Kittiwakes are becoming injured or trapped in anti-bird netting along the River Tyne.  

Please follow @KittiwakesTyne and help ‘Raise Awareness’ for our well loved Tyne Kittiwakes.

“Have you found any wildlife which has become trapped in anti-bird netting on Newcastle or Gateshead Quayside?” 

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This twitter feed, will showcase all things ‘Kittiwake’ or ‘wildlife along the Tyne’ related.  If you wish to share a topic or some of your own content, please include @KittiwakeTyne in your tweets or you can email  Activity increases as the birds return every year during the spring and summer months to breed.  Relevant content from other wildlife organisations will also be signposted, as well as initiatives to help Raise Awareness or to enjoy the wildlife along the tyne.  Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with any opportunities for riverside walks, boat trips or talks involving the Tyne Kittiwakes.