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Guildhall – New anti-bird spikes- update Mid April 2021

On the 14th April 2021

“What is likely to be the three pairs that nested on the side of the Guildhall last year are experiencing at times very stressful encounters with the new anti-bird spikes.”      
Paul Buskin

At times these birds are becoming trapped in the anti bird spikes for up to 20 mins at a time; but in the end so far they have managed to free themselves. Sometimes it takes them a lot of effort and they are clearly in pain. and sometimes they become exhausted trying to free themselves and then have to rest before trying again.

There is a risk at some stage they may not be able to free themselves. At this time, two pairs are spending time on the side of the Guildhall adjacent to some anti-bird netting; whilst a third pair is not giving up on where the anti-bird spikes are. It is highly likely these three pairs will manage to nest on the Guildhall. Fingers crossed they don’t suffer any more because of these anti-bird spikes.

It is so sad to watch them suffer; especially when they nested so peacefully and successfully last year. They are so determined to continue to nest there. I do worry that at least one bird may be lost this season on these new anti-bird spikes. One pair is not giving up even when they are clearly in pain and at times suffering.