Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Guildhall Clocktower – March 2021

On the 27th March 2021

Another popular location for the Kittiwakes to nest in recent years has been the Guildhall Clocktower.  Since
anti-bird deterrents such as anti-bird spikes and netting was added to the side of the Guidlhall; approx two dozen pairs have moved to the clocktower.

And… they have successfully raised young Kittiwakes on the clocktower during the last two seasons. As you can see in the photo, Kittiwakes are starting to return and pair up. and.. it is great news that no anti-bird deterrents are present here.  

“They seem welcome to continue to nest
on the Guildhall Clocktower.   Great News!”

Kittiwakes are also returning to the street lights where they have nested for over three seasons now. Here they have seen the light! and again, is an example of Kittiwakes blending in to their urban environment. At times the nests may experience some heat from the lights.

“As you can see in the photo Kittiwakes are pairing up and 
they look very loved up at the moment. Our soft Geordie seagull”.