Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

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Enjoying the High Life

Not scared of Heights


High up, relaxing on some of Newcastle Quayside’s buildings you can find Tyne Kittiwakes relaxing and enjoying a well earned rest. Their life is not an easy one. They spend years out at sea, battling with the winters storms, dozens of fierce predators and unpleasant pollution.  Adults journey to coastal cliffs and islands to breed every summer. Geordie Newcastle is very lucky, as we have them on our doorstop, as they return to build their nests close to the Quaysides of Newcastle and Gateshead.

“Have you seen the Tyne Kittiwakes yet?”

A soft gentle gull, that travels as far as the Farne Islands in North Northumberland to feed. Well worth a visit.