Kittiwakes upon the Tyne

Showcasing the progress of the Kittiwakes along the River Tyne

Home Tyne Kittiwake Diary As February 2021 comes to a close….

As February 2021 comes to a close….

On Sunday 28th February 2021

“Fifteen Kittiwakes arrive to claim
their place to nest”

During my exercise walk along the quaysides of Newcastle and Gateshead today  I found 15 Kittiwakes . This is close to the last two years; by the same point in February.  Seven were claiming prime locations on the Baltic Gallery, whilst another six were relaxing on the Tyne Bridge Tower on the Newcastle side of the river.  A single bird sat on the Newcastle railway bridge.  It looked ever so lonely, but also determined to claim it’s spot for the 2021 season. On the Gateshead side of the river, a Kittiwake could be seen; a master of the skies, soaring for all to enjoy.  
More Kittiwakes should be arriving during the coming week. No Kittiwakes were present on the Kittiwake Tower. Two nearly arrived large Lesser Black backed Gulls were on the old church on the Gateshead side of river. Another gull that visits us in the north for the spring/summer.

Paul Buskin